Rodney Bay for the last time!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 26 Feb 2012 13:57
14:04.475n 060:56.933w
We returned to Rodney Bay, which by now feels like 'home from home'.  This is quite a turning point in the trip as it is the last time we will visit St Lucia.  When we leave to go north it will be the start of the journey home, although it will take a few months from now!  In preparation for this, we had Chiscos booked for a lift-out in order to check and clean her bottom, do some serious polishing and mend some minor bits and bobs that had gone wrong along the way.   
As you can see, the crane driver was pretty relaxed.  It was certainly a boat yard experience we won't forget - there were chickens running around all day, Chiscos had a 'bit' of a lean and the staff couldn't do enough to ensure the crew had all they needed!   
While we were here it was great to catch up with some friends from the ARC - Geoff & Anne from Nyda and Carole & Jon from Arnamentia.  We had a good couple of nights swapping stories of what we'd all been up to and each had various stories of disasters (luckily none too serious) and high points.  We felt lucky that we were all here at the same time as we suspect this will be the last time we see each other - both boats are now heading South so it's unlikely our paths will cross again.  They have been great friends and we look forward to meeting up with them in the UK whenever they return!  
Geoff from Nyda waving farewell.
Luckily, all that socialising didn't affect our work efforts and Chiscos now looks great.  We are back in the water and awaiting the arrival of Ford & Jonathan for the trip to Antigua. We plan to leave on Tuesday.