Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 5 Feb 2012 12:12
13:50.999n 061:03.762w
We had a very enjoyable and traditional creole meal out on Union Island with Nico and Sophie before dropping them off on Wednesday morning. After victualling we set off for Mustique. We had a very lively sail in gusty force 6-7 going outside the Tobago Cays, arriving in Brittania Bay on Mustique and anchoring beside a friend from Bequia named 'Africa'. Below is a view of a typical beach on the rather beautiful and well-manicured island. Prince William and Kate had recently been holidaying there.
The next morning we had a private tour of the island with Laverne whom I had befriended at the music festival on Bequia. Laverne is the house manager of a large villa on the island called Taliesin which is owned by the proprietors of the Welsh whiskey company, Penderyn. She was a lovely hostess and we enjoyed a 'wee dram' of a limited edition of Penderyn with her before visiting two more palatial villas named Coccolobo and Sienna.
A view from Taliesin across to Macaroni Beach.
On Thursday night we all had a great night out at the eponymous 'Basil's Bar' where we befriended the band, drank too much and danced the night away, finally returning to the bosom of Chiscos at about 3am.
The girls returning to Chiscos from shoreside (looking much less hungover than we felt!).
Our final sail back to Soufriere via Bequia was lively. The skipper had played again for us in the L'Auberge
restaurant the night before .....
and although he took a bump on the head from the boom just as we were leaving, the sail was great and thoroughly enjoyed by us all.
We arrived back in Soufriere about 4pm and had a super final meal out with Anne, John and Mikaela.
It has been a completely magical experience!