Susan signs off - for now!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Mon 29 Aug 2011 17:34
Thanks to everyone who has sent messages saying how much they've enjoyed the blog so far.  We're amazed at how many people are following Chiscos on her Atlantic adventure.  Sadly this is my last post on the blog for a while as I fly back to the UK tomorrow to be back at work on Wednesday. 
It's been a great voyage so far and I'm sure John and his various crews will continue to have a fantastic time.  Julia and Anne arrive tomorrow (Tuesday) and Elise on Wednesday, so all being well Chiscos will sail again on Thursday.  There may be a delay whilst the effects of Hurricane Irene on the Atlantic abate, but the weather forecast this morning looked as though Thursday would be OK to leave.  We are nearly on the border with Portugal at Baiona so whichever port Chiscos arrives at next, it will not be Spanish.
We've spent the last couple of days getting the boat ready for the next leg of the journey.  We had had problems with the dinghy (the floor parted company with the inflatable tubes) and the dinghy engine (fuel starvation), but John has sorted those out whilst we have been in Baiona. We've tidied, cleaned and laundered, but we're leaving the provisioning of the boat for Julia as she will be in charge of cooking. John fears he may finish this voyage larger than he started!
Today we visited the Monte Real Castle, just next to where we are moored at the Yacht Club.  As there was only a 1 Euro entrance fee we weren't expecting much but it was a really interesting walk.  The Spanish Government has converted a number of historic houses/castles into hotels, called Paradors, and this castle is one of those.  It would be a wonderful hotel to stay in, but for less than the cost of one night there we will have spent 10 nights in the marina!  The walk around the castle walls took us about 1 1/2 hours, which gives you an indication of how big the castle must have been.  There was no information available about the history so I will be trying to find out more about it when I return to the UK as it was a significant size.
These guns used to keep the British out!
Once again we had fantastic views of the bay, including the pontoon where Chiscos is moored.
Best wishes to John, Chiscos and all her crew until I join again in St Lucia - I am now signing off to join the blog-reading population.  Next leg - Baiona to Madeira.