Return to Carriacou

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Wed 25 Jan 2012 19:36

11:59.806n 061:45.687w
January 22nd 2012
We left St Georges after lunch to go round to Prickly Bay. This was symbolic as this is likely to be the most southern point that we go to on this trip. It was a lovely bay, although the wind was very gusty during the night.
January 23rd
We rose early the next morning to leave Prickly bay in good time to return to Carriacou during the day. We had some very lively sailing (again) in strong NE winds.
Despite the violent motion, Anne surpassed herself and baked some superb bread!
But we had a nice peaceful evening in Tyrell Bay on Carriacou once we had arrived.
We went back to Carriacou to 'check out ' of the country, i.e. clear customs and immigration.
We left the bay early in the morning and went via Sandy Island back to Hillsborough where customs & immigration are located.
Hillsborough bay
What a place to have your customs office!!
Even Chiscos seemed to enjoy it in the anchorage there!