Over half way and a (minor) disaster!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 1 Dec 2011 15:48
17:20.87n 039:32.31w
We crossed the half way point at 1740 Chiscos time (1840 UTC) twenty minutes before our 1800 dinner time. We were delighted to have got this far (although as someone pointed out  - we can't exactly go back from here!!)
It had been a blustery day, but we had enjoyed some fast sailing. Julia had worked all afternoon to prepare our roast beef dinner ready for the evening. We opened our champagne at 1740 and celebrated our half way point. Julia then dished up the dinner. It was spectacular. She paused to take a photograph of the finished article and in that split second, the boat lurched and all four plates of food shot across the work surface and ended up, upside down on the cabin sole!!!
It was such a shame after all the hard work and preparation which had gone into the meal. We scraped it all up and ate it anyway! It was excellent, though it had lost something in the presentation following it's visit to the cabin sole. It's just a good the cabin sole was clean!!
Other than that disaster, we have not suffered too badly! It was a challenging night with strong easterly winds and a very rocky motion and big following seas. We seem to be doing well on the leader board. We have a very good handicap, which means that our result may be good - but we will still be towards the end of the fleet as the boats arrive in St Lucia.
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