Still on Track....15 May 2005

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 15 May 2005 21:59
As I sent the last entry to this web diary(saying it was windy), the wind dropped and we have just motored for 36 hours!! Fortunately Chiscos has a good strong, reliable 56hp engine - but it is warring!. However, this afternoon, the wind has strengthened and we are now sailing again, under our huge cruising chute bowling towards Madeira. Porto Santo (the most northern of the Madeiran Islands) is in sight about 30 miles away. We should be in Madeira tomorrow morning if this wind holds(we'll have to sail because we've nearly run out of diesel!!). The sun is just setting on a near perfect day in the Atlantic. It has been warm and sunny all day in a totally cloudless sky - great for the suntan - not so good to sail in. 
We have once again, been accompanied by dolphins. I managed to snap these two being very playful yesterday afternoon.
However, we have seen virtually nothing else - except sea!
Thanks again to all of you who have sent emails. Both English and French are acceptable!!
I shall shortly go and put the kettle on for my evening coco(!) and hope that when I get up tomorrow we have arrived!!