Final Preparations

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 4 May 2012 09:18
18:23.908n 064:38.140w
Nanny Cay Marina
The ARC Europe starts tomorrow and we are scheduled to leave for Bermuda at 12 noon.
We have been working hard to get the boat ready this week. There seems to have been a never ending jobs list of things which need doing before we can leave.
The food arrived in boxes from the supermarket  - just as the engineer was here servicing the engine!! (and it started raining)
It then poured with rain for a lot of the afternoon
Mikaela went up the mast and changed over one of the split pins which was worn
And we had all the sails off doing minor repairs and checks
Early evening we played in the ARC volley ball competition and had a great time with a truly multi national event. I counted 6 different nationalities playing out of a total of 12 players!! We rounded the early evening off with a quick swim - likely to be our last in the Caribbean (for this trip anyway!)
This morning (Friday) we are getting towards the end of the jobs list and I am optimistic that we will be ready to leave tomorrow midday.
As usual, the conversation has been focused on how far it is (836 miles according to our GPS) which route we will take, and what will the weather be like for the trip. At the moment, the weather looks like being light winds and pretty settled - but it can change quickly!