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Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sat 27 Aug 2011 21:51
After less than 24 hours at home, and even fewer hours in a hotel at Stansted Airport, I am now back in Baiona.  Alex flew out to Spain from Stansted on Thursday morning and is now living in Pamplona for 9 months whilst she does a work placement with the University of Navarra.  I flew back to Vigo for Baiona later that same day.
John and I have continued our trend of walking in the heat of the day whilst the rest of Spain siestas.  On Friday we walked from Baiona out towards the Silleiro lighthouse (about 5km from Baiona), from where you can look down the coast to the border with Portugal.  We visited the Virgin of the Rock, a huge statue that stands on a hill overlooking the rocky entrance to Baiona.  There was a great view of Baiona and the bay from the top.
John gave the statue a helping hand!
The weather had been quite rough whilst I was in the UK and the sea still had a heavy swell despite the bright sunshine and lack of wind onshore.  The waves were impressive and John made a note to keep well off the coast when leaving Baiona!
We could see in the distance what we thought was a bench strategically placed on a hilltop and decided we would walk that far before turning back.  We were quite surprised to find it wasn't a bench but a leather sofa!  There is a certain untidiness about Spain, but we'd seen nothing quite like this.
Today (Saturday) we tried out the Spanish transport system by taking a day trip to Santiago de Compostella.  We went by bus from Baiona to Vigo and then another bus to Santiago.  On the way back we caught the train from Santiago to Vigo and then the bus back to Baiona.  Transport seems very reliable, as well as being cheap - the 45 minute bus ride to Vigo costs just over 2 Euros.  We enjoyed Santiago; it's a beautiful place and it was great to see the pilgrims arriving in the square in front of the Cathedral on foot and by bicycle, all cheering as they got there.
We walked around the Cathedral as a service was taking place, which was an odd experience as it was absolutely packed with people.  It was almost impossible to tell who was taking part in the service and who was just watching.  In the midst of all the chaos priests were hearing confession too!
John managed to walk miles around the narrow streets, despite apparently having lost one leg during the day!  He may be taking preparations for the Long John Silver fancy dress competition too far....