To Grenada

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Wed 25 Jan 2012 16:28
12:02.789n 061:44.838w
The day after Mikaela's birthday celebrations we had a small incident with Anne and a poisonous manchineel tree! However, thankfully all was well and we didn't have to do an emergency dash to A & E!!
So the following day we left the island of Carriacou bound for St George's.
We had a boisterous sail down to the bottom end of Grenada in strong NE winds.
Approaching St Georges Grenada.
Once we were in the harbour it was a really lovely place which we thoroughly enjoyed.
This is a shot of the northern end of the harbour called The Carenage surrounded by lots of bars and restaurants
Looking at the old fort (which we didn't get chance to go round) across the Carenage, with the government buildings on the quay.
The next day we walked around the market which was interesting, while Anne went off into the mountains to walk and visit a waterfall.
We moored (for free as it turned out!!)at the lovely Grenada Yacht Club and were able to use the club and all the facilities. 
In the evening we visited an Austrian restaurant on the waterfront and then wound up in a bar where they were doing karaoke! The participation was enthusiastic by the Chiscos crew!!!
Some of the singers were in need of a little tuition and Carrie caught the skipper and the first mate laughing uncontrollably at some of the renditions!!!
As we left the next day, I did wonder if we had been followed by a Saga enthusiast!!