What a night!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Tue 16 Aug 2011 16:28
42:27.55n 08:54.69w
The Festival of San Roque at Vilagarcia turned out to be not quite as traditional as we had thought.  We ventured out for a walk at about 11.30 pm to find that the entire youth population of Spain appeared to have congregated in the town.  Not only that but you were not one of the in-crowd unless you were carrying a bottle of spirits (mostly whisky) and mixers in a carrier bag or your drink of preference ready mixed in a two-litre plastic bottle.  It appears that binge drinking isn't limited to the UK after all!  We found a live band playing in one of the town streets and listened to that until about 12.30 pm - the repetoire was a mixture of Eric Clapton and Spanish Rock 'n' Roll, but the set began with 'Twist and Shout'.  This time we appeared to be the only people who knew the words!
We got back to the boat at about 1.30 am, where the expected DJ playing by the Marina didn't appear to have arrived yet.  There was a real sense of anticipation in the air and still thousands of people milling about but we had no idea what they were waiting for or even when it would start.  We went to bed about 2.00 am, still wondering.  Finally, just as it was getting light, the long awaited DJ struck up and we certainly knew he'd arrived.  The volume of the thumping beat was quite incredible as it ricocheted round the bay.  I like most music but I have to say that by about 9.00 am I was beginning to appreciate how brainwashing can be achieved!  There were still thousands of people dancing but the mood was not quite so pleasant in the morning.  Several of the boats moored close to the inshore edge of the Marina were covered in broken glass and most of the plastic bottles of the night before were now floating in the water.  By mid-morning there was no sign of the party ending so we decided to move on.
We had a lovely peaceful sail to an anchorage at San Vicente de Mar, around the corner into the next Ria.  As we left Vilagarcia, the wind was a light NE breeze so John decided to try out the parasailor.  It took about half an hour to get the ropes all set up (John missed you, Regis!) and we had just got the sail up when the wind died and filled in again from completely the opposite direction!  Such is life sailing in this area!  Half an hour later, the parasailor was down and packed away and we had a great sail almost all the way to San Vicente.