A beautiful place!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 9 Sep 2011 14:05
33:03.69n 016:18.95w
We arrived in Porto Santo after nearly 4 days at sea(3 days and 18.5 hours for those who are interested! Averaging about 5.6kts) 
We had a great sail yesterday and ran with the parasailor from 0700 until dinner time when the wind died.
The girls took the opportunity to cook and bake cakes!!!! These danish pastries were made by Anne and were so good they even got their own photo!!
We tried to sail with the white sails during the night, but everything slapped and banged around so much we took it all down and motored through the night arriving here just as it was getting light
(For all Julia's friends and family who have noticed that she is not in this picture, she did come with us - but was below when this picture was taken!!)
When it did finally get light we realised that this place was lovely! The marina is right next to a massive (6 mile long ) beach which is almost deserted.
The town is delightful but we will no doubt need to check out whether they sell beer or not tonight!
 Chiscos looking settled in the sun!
Tomorrow we head off to Madeira - only a short 27 mile run.