Madeira - End of leg 2

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 11 Sep 2011 16:40
32:44.48n 016:42.73w
Before we left Porto Santo, we had one or two things to complete. The crew wanted to finish their emails,
........while Elise got to work on the harbour wall and left a lovely memory of our visit.
This tradition of leaving an image of your ship goes back a long time. In the old days (in a world before modern communications) , the sailing ships used to leave an image on the harbour wall of their ship, so that other ships who came in, would know that they had been there (and left). Many of the yachts do this now, and the harbour walls are festooned with 'logos' of yachts.
The run to Madeira (about 5 hours) was uneventful. It was a lovely day when we left Porto Santo, but was raining and overcast by the time we got to Madeira!
The marina from seaward.
Today dawned bright and sunny. The marina is new and is very attractive.
It is only on closer inspection, that you realise that all the buildings are completely unoccupied!
(Except a small bar/cafe and the marina facilities)
From a distance up the coast it looks attractive and is set in a wonderful location. 
The local beaches are stoney with black (volcanic) sand and pebbles.
We said farewell to Anne and Julia this morning who went off walking for a few days, and will then be returning to the UK. They were great to have on board. We look forward to welcoming Julia and her cooking skills(!) back for the ARC in 8 weeks time. Anne will join Chiscos again in the Caribbean for some January sunshine!
Chiscos will now be staying in and around Madeira for the next couple of weeks until the new crew arrive when the log will resume.