Holding out for a Hierro!!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sat 8 Oct 2011 19:23
27:47.094n 017:54.072w
We spent two days in La Palma and walked on the volcanoes during the second day.
The scenery was dramatic.
Yesterday we left La Palma early to sail the 55 miles to El Hierro, the Western most Island in the Canaries chain. Apparently for centuries the town of Punta Orchilla on the west coast of El Hierro was viewed as the most western point of the known world. This was reinforced in 1634 when it was discovered that it has zero magnetic variation. Greenwich didn't become the prime meridian here until 1884.
We had a very, very lively sail. We left with predicted winds of force 4-5, put the parasailor up and roared south. However, the wind kept building and eventually we were forced to take the parasailor down in 30+ knots of wind.  It was a real handful, but we managed. The sail performed amazing well in these very strong winds (the biggest gust was 32 knots!)
We arrived in Puerto de la Estaca at about 6pm. The island is small and very remote. It is not a yachting centre and we were the only yacht here.
The view from the boat - looking up the hill.
The view from the top of the hill. You can just see Chiscos against the harbour wall, bottom left of the picture
Today we walked the 10 km to the capital Valverde and back. It was a great walk with spectacular views and stunning scenery.
Approaching the capital
Some enormous sculptures on the approach road to Valverde
The skipper writing the blog on the foredeck as the sun went down.
Tomorrow we leave early for La Gomera.