Bayona or Bust

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 8 May 2005 21:56
The sun rising over Cape Finisterre as we made our landfall.
Yes we finally made it! On time and in the daylight we arrived in Bayona at 1830(BST). We logged 496 miles from Camaret and took about 31/2 days.We experienced every wind strength from flat calm to gale 8 - but it didn't rain!
Bayona is a lovely - if small place.The marina is very nice with a beautiful club house overlooking the marina and the bay, and stands in the shadow of the castle. It is only a short walk to the main street, passing the very strange statue of Alfonso IX (and his donkey!) which guards the entrance to the castle.  We tried to shop - but there wasn't much to buy so we settled on beer and tapas!
After a days rest we have now left Bayona(and the Alfonso IX)(and his donkey!!) and are bound for Lagos(pronounced 'lagosh' - I have been reliably informed!) to arrive hopefully in about 21/2 days.
Thanks to everyone for the emails - its great to know you're all out there!