Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Mon 5 Sep 2011 09:08
39:21.13n 09:22.61w
We eventually left Povoa about 9am on Saturday. We originally thought we would go to Cascais, but we talked to several other boat crews in Povoa and they suggested coming to Peniche. This is slightly further north than Cascais  - but apparently a nice old town and considerably cheaper (!) than Cascais. It provides an equally good point for 'jumping off' the coast of Portugal to get to Madeira.
We had a great night in Povoa before we left. We had dinner with Ann and Geoff from Nyda and Rob from Beyzano joined us later - both ARC boats. We then cleared up and were having a sing song with the guitar when there was a knock on the coach roof. We feared it may be one of the other boats telling us to shut up! But it turned out to be Jan off Susanna (also an ARC boat) carrying his guitar and asking if he could join us! He is joining the ARC from Finland. We played and sang into the night. The next morning the boat next to us left early.....I'm not sure why!!
The leg down to Peniche was challenging. Not much wind during the day and then it blew and rained 30 kts from the NW during the night. This carried us quickly to Peniche where we arrived at about 0830 on Sunday morning.  
The crew seemed to enjoy the passage and the food was up to the usual fantastic standard!
On arrival at Peniche we had a 'brush' with the local police - but once they had checked our papers they seemed quite happy.
Peniche was apparently settled by the Phoenicians and was the scene of an English landing in 1589 and there is a big fort constructed to keep someone out or someone in (not quite sure which!)
The town is small but attractive with small back streets and a main square.
Today we leave for Madeira which will hopefully take us about 5 days.