Rolling to Madeira 2

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Tue 6 Sep 2011 13:20
37:23.07n 012:07.89w
We eventually left Peniche after a nice stay, some excellent food again(!) and  no further issues with the authorities (although we did have fun trying to get fuel before we left).
Elise and John enjoying the  dinner before we left.
We left for Madeira at 12 noon and have so far enjoyed a good sail, with a strong North West wind behind us. During the night we had 30 kts of wind and some big rolling seas. We have recorded what I think is a record run for 24 hours of 153 miles!!
Today the wind has moderated slightly so we have put the parasailor up and had a great sail since mid morning. It has performed well up to 23kts. It should be great for the run from Canaries to St Lucia.
We have been joined again by some lovely dolphins. Anne managed to capture these 3 on film as they played near the boat last night.
We currently have 328 miles to run to Porto Santo and at our current progress should put us there sometime on Thursday.
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