The Bequia Music festival

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Tue 31 Jan 2012 19:11
We returned to Bequia on Thursday for the start of the Bequias music festival.  We managed to get a great mooring just off the Gingerbread hotel in the bay.
Bequia it self is a pretty quiet place and the town centre looks fairly traditional
But I think we have discovered where all the Mini Mokes have gone!!
Night one (Thursday)was a steel band, Friday night was a whole evening (until 2am) of jazz and blues which the skipper really enjoyed.
Saturday lunch and afternoon was a 'jam session' It was set in the beautiful Bequias Beach Hotel. The stage was right on the beach with the hotel grounds given over to the music lovers(!) There was about 300 people there.
We talked to the organisers when we arrived. We eventually did two turns  - one with Mikaela and I playing together
and then I played with one of the jazz/blues bands. 
We had a great time!
That evening we went back to the main concert venue  and had another good evening of more modern music.
There was then a Sunday lunchtime session which we also attended.
On Sunday evening Mikaela and I gave another little concert on another boat called Spirited Lady.
On Monday we left Bequia having picked up two additional crew  - Nico and Sophie (off Spirited Lady as it happened!) and had a great sail to Mayreau.
Tomorrow we plan to visit the Tobago Cays