Isle of Wight

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Thu 9 Jul 2009 16:58

50:42.36N 1:30.14W

15.00 9th July

Up early again today to catch the tide to Yarmouth Isle of Wight. Woke up to
grey skies and no wind so on went our trusty engine to get us the 30 odd
miles to the Isle of Wight and that's how it was for the whole journey. Just
as we got to the Needles (at the west end of Isle of Wight) the wind popped
up but by then we were feeling very lazy and, whilst all around us had full
sails out including a spinnaker from the other side of the channel (we don't
mention countries here), we tucked our heads down and carried on motoring
content that we had done an awful lot of sailing in the past 6 years.

Into Yarmouth marina with a welcoming smile from the harbourmaster and to a
berth when we heard familiar voices from behind, Elizabeth and Martin Bevan
on Caduceus coming in behind us! They had been in the same places as us for
the past few days and we hadn't seen them!.

The weeks menus have been voted a success by the skipper but just to make
sure I am invited back pushed the boat out last night with monkfish wrapped
in Italian ham, samphire, new potatoes and watercress sauce. That went down
a treat.

I have to get off tomorrow to return home, sort the house out ready for the
return of the skipper to dry land on 16th/17th after the final leg of the

Hope the new crew keep the blogs up to date!