Homeward bound - Salcombe

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 5 Jul 2009 07:44

50:14.31N 3:45.43W

09.00 5th July

Yesterday (Saturday) the outlook from the hatch was grey cloudy and wet,
whilst the weather forecast went on and on about warm sunshine and the
occasional shower in the West, that shower was right over St B in Fowey,
not what the new crew had ordered.

After a shop for essentials, the sky brightened a little and we decided to
drop the mooring and off we went heading for Salcombe. Crew insisted in a
reefed main just to be on the safe side. A bit bumpy to start with but with
all sails out St B was romping along at average 6 knots it was as if she had
been let out to sail at last. Another boat was on our tail and catching us
up, it didn't look as though it should, sails flapping, lolloping across the
waves, a bit of a 'dogs breakfast' as the skipper would say, but sail past
us it did much to the skippers disgust. So without further ado, out came the
reef and St B had her skipper at the helm the catch the Moody and show it
what St B can do. With fine seamanship that is exactly what happened and the
Moody followed us into Salcombe, the Tortoise and the Hare came to mind.

Into Salcombe on a Saturday night is a little like a 'zoo' but we found the
RNSA mooring buoy with one smaller boat on it so prepared to raft. On
glancing up we saw another RNSA member eyeing up the mooring with the same
intention. So we both with a little difficulty moored alongside the little
boat. All fine and time for a tipple before dinner. The owner of the little
boat returned and was not impressed at being the 'meat in a sandwich of two
large boats' so we promptly all moved around.

A fine tapas style dinner on board and an early night - new crew
embarrassingly having caught the sun and nursing pink legs, should know
better - tomorrow the skipper has promised crew some shore time to mooch
around Salcombe then off to Dartmouth in the afternoon.

New crew was given the responsibility of putting the ensign up yesterday ,
made a complete hash of it and is awaiting details of penance as now it
cannot be put up or down. this could be my last blog.....

Gardening and cookery items to follow.