Ayamonte or perhaps not?

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 6 Jun 2009 18:28
37:11.20N 7:20.43W

16.00 5th June

Well the gentle sail from Chipiona turned into something else. We were doing
well, the crew content and even the skipper was reasonably happy but it
couldn't last. As we approached the coast the wind got up and bashed us on
the nose. We had set our sights on Ayamonte. It is on the river that acts as
the border between Spain and Portugal and our book showed a marina 2 miles
or so up stream. When we got to the entrance the tide was running out fast
and the wind was blowing straight in, the worst possible scenario given the
depth of water. Carefully we moved forward but the sea got worse and depth
was worryingly low. Out we came and along the coast a couple of miles to
Isla Canela. A lot of fishing boats were arriving back from sea and we
followed them. A heart stopping moment but we were safe inside the
breakwater and only a few yards to the marina. Phew!

This is a modern holiday resort so we are surrounded by apartments - not
much atmosphere and not much in the way of shops but we are fine and relaxed
and the head chef comes to the fore with excellent pork chops - may have his
job as little longer.