Off we go to Malta

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 22 Apr 2009 07:29

36:55.08N 21:41.90E

12.00 22nd April

We are leaving Pilos today for the 3-4 day passage across the Adriatic Sea
to Syracuse in Sicily. Winds look favourable provided we follow around the
easterly progressing depression and use the winds to our advantage ( this is
skipper-speak). We shall probably be out of mobile and email range until
about 20 miles off the Italian shores. I am sure we shall be sending a
message along the lines of Neil Armstrong's like " Passage Control, Passage
Control, St Barbara has sited land"

We have enjoyed our 36 hours in Pilos- a delightful small town with a
unfinished marina - so no services unfortunately. We were planning to stop
at Methoni ( about 6 miles closer from Kapsali) but on the recommendation of
a British sailor we met on the quayside in Kapsali, we pushed on to Pilos
and moored up as the light faded. We had sailed 80 miles in a long but
enjoyable day. We have been handsomely rewarded by a free near-mill pond
mooring and excellent shops for provisioning for the next 3-4 days.

We are moored right along side a big Coastguard cutter, who promptly but
kindly reminded us to check in with the Port Authority. Peter duly went
along, and after many phone calls reminiscent of a Greek version of a Brian
Rix farce, they waved Peter away with "Go, go" and no money changed hands!

We managed to buy the requisite Maltese and Italian courtesy flags from one
of the two mini-chandlers,so we do not cause an international incident. Last
night we promenaded around the town, up to the castle and back to the
cafe-strewn central square for a final Mythos beer on Greek soil.

Pete has just arrived back from getting some fresh bread and meat, and then
it's anchors away by 1000 and out onto the briny. We have covered some 525
miles since we left Turkey on the 8th April.

Question 3 From where did the fear of disease and the wind twice send us

Lastly and by no means least the skipper and the whole crew wish a very
Happy Birthday to Amy , soon to join St Barbara in Malta for the next leg.
Happy Birthday also to Sasha in Phuket.