Ibiza arrival

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 24 May 2009 18:47

38:54.77N 01:26.19E

18.00 24th May

Well we made it. Another leg successfully completed. We had light wind from
Majorca and so it was more engine hours and a bit rolly for no apparent
reason. A very uneventful passage with hardly any other vessels except
the odd inter island ferry. We had left late so knew we would be arriving in
the dark.

An anchorage was selected that made for a simple entry into a bay, called
Cala san Vincente on the eastern end of the island. Three other yachts
anchored but plenty of room and around 1 am we were tucked up in bed.

Some roll in the night but fine and off again for the last 15 or so miles.
Amy had been keen to go to Formentera to a beach restaurant that had been
recommended by a friend, however it was overcast and with a few spots of
rain did not seem so inviting. We changed our minds and went direct to Ibiza

An amazing number of ferries arrive and depart form here and most seem to
pass close by our berth at Club Nautico de Ibiza. Tonight we are out on the
town to make up for missing Formentera but we have to be back by midnight to
welcome Ken from his flight.

We have covered 756 miles from Valletta and 1676 miles from Fethiye, more
than half way home. Incidentally this berth is the same degree of longitude
as the entrance to the River Deben 785 miles due north as the crow flies!

With our voyage complete and with Ken and Jonathan's arrivals imminent
Marcos, Skipper and I are feeling suitably smug. I can't tell whether the
reason I'm feeling so exhausted today is because of a number of consecutive
days of broken sleep, being kicked out of bed to pull up anchors at some
un-godly hour or because of many a late evening up chatting after a few
gins, a bottle of wine and some rather nice scotch to finish us off! Oh,
that and a couple of long boozy cockpit lunches in the sun which I seem to
be very good at! Probably a combination of all of the above and the
achievement of sailing in all sorts of different conditions some 750 miles!

And so this afternoon after one of the aforementioned lunches, Marcos and I
did more of that 'holiday' thing (sorry Dad, I forgot we were here to
work!!) and ambled around the old part of Ibiza town otherwise known as
Evissa. It's a surprisingly beautiful traditional Spanish town with
white-washed walls and bright pink flowers cascading over every balcony,
narrow streets, and a host of tapas bars which are about to indulge in this
evening, back in time to welcome Ken with a moonlit nightcap. Any excuse I

Tomorrow will feel odd not hoisting up mainsails, pulling on jib sheets,
keeping endless watch for the odd ship to pass, not to mention obsessing at
the wind and rolling around in the galley at meal times to feed the
bottomless stomachs of the crew. Well what else is there to do at sea!
However, Marcos and I will no doubt enjoy the last day of our 'holiday'
soaking up the last of our Balearic sun on a nearby beach and help down out
on 'change-over day' (washing sheets etc) for the new arrivals and the next
instalment of St Barbara's journey home.

Off for Tapas now. Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all! I hope the sun is
shining for you too.....x