Our first day at sea

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 23 Jan 2008 06:28

10:43N 91:18E

Noon 23rd January

We have been underway now almost 24 hours and we are sailing along well with
the wind directly behind us on course for the southern tip of Sri Lanka some
700 miles away.

Leaving the island we had lumpy seas that made sleep difficult but we have
time now to make that up.

Sam baked our fillets of barracuda for dinner and it was delicious with rice
and vegetables.

The radio net this morning reported good conditions from the boats ahead of
us so we are looking forward to the rest of the passage. The moon was up
and full all night and set this morning just as the sun rose. Perfect for
sailing, and not another vessel was sighted all night.

One diary entry did not go due to a typists error but has gone subsequently
so they may be out of order. I will put the time/date sent from now on to
avoid confusion.

In the rush to leave the pictures did not get put up so they will have to
wait until we get to Cochin.