St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 8 Jul 2009 16:48
50:36.43N 2:27.15W

17.00 8th July

We have been blessed with favourable winds up to now. Most of our passage
has been under sail and the Admiral is finding her sealegs after a prolonged
absence on board. All the crews have been great of course but it is
particularly good to be sailing with her again.

It also is great to be revisiting places we have been in the past. Our last
stop in Dartmouth holds very happy memories for us and in particular our
mooring in Dittisham a couple of miles up the river. The weather was not
perfect. Just like the rest of the country we had some rain but we were not
prevented from taking our walks both sides of the river.

Today we were up at first light - 4.3am for those not used to the idea -
and off to use the tide to Weymouth. Portland Bill has a fearsome reputation
but we hit it about right and made it here by 3pm after a super sail. Now
the sun is shining on us while the tourists walk past and gaze down.

4.30 Alarm sounded fine last night, but when the thing went off this morning
it was gloomy cold and not fine. Nevertheless the fear of reaching Portland
Bill at the wrong time propelled us out of bed and with four layer of
clothes on we left lovely Dartmouth having walked up and down dale yesterday

Sailing version of Venus and Mars - the difference between Male and Female:

Male version of the passage to Weymouth - great, fabulous sailing breeze
just what we want, a super sail, lets let out some more sail , shall we go
on for a few more miles? Oh look the 'breeze' is up to 20 knots!

Female version of passage to Weymouth,- this is a nice gentle cruise, polite
waves dancing around the hull and the odd blue sky peeping through,6 knots
is fine, then the wind got up, white horses on the water, St Barbara heeling
at 45 degrees and holding on for dear life - food, what you can grab! Glad
we are here!

Haven't forgotten the gardening section, the potatoes Clive and Peter bought
in Muros are still in the bilges probably sprouting well now, should be
ready for planting soon, a suitable bed is being sought.