Biscay - done

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Thu 25 Jun 2009 12:41

48:18.22N 4:47.56W

15.00 25th June

We have arrived some 5 miles off the French coast and the lower end of the
Chenal de Four.

The infamous Biscay was very kind to us with almost constant south east
winds so we sailed almost all of it.

The wind became light first thing this morning and we have motored since,
some against the strong current. For a time it was only 2 knots over the
ground but now it is 6.5 knots and the tide is with us. The tide will take
us quickly up the Chenal and our glimpse of France will be brief. By late
afternoon we expect to be pushed out into the English Channel, across the
shipping lanes and to arrive in Fowey during tomorrow afternoon.

Dolphins accompanied us a few times and the occasional seabird came to take
a look but otherwise very uneventful. 396 miles from Muros.