Towards Turkey Day 3

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 3 May 2008 09:22
34:48N 32:15E

12.00 3rd May

Yesterday was a day of surprises. First surprise was to find ourselves in a
large and very comfortable people carrier and spending the day sightseeing
that we described yesterday. The second was to find that we were losing our
latest crew member and blog writer extraordinary. Peter(2) had been studying
flights home for a while now. It was difficult finding flights from Turkey
but last night he came across a bargain direct from Paphos to London and
decided to take it.

This morning has seen him packing and moving onto Albert II until his flight
tomorrow. We shopped and completed our check out and left Paphos Harbour one
hour ago on our way to Turkey. Peter will be sorely missed for his humour,
willingness to take on any task and lastly, but by no least for his raising
the blog to new heights. He has threatened to carry on writing from his desk
at work although I am not sure that would be wise! Thanks again Peter and a
safe trip home.

Well, the day has come, surprisingly quickly, for me to jump ship. This week
is my last week away from work and having looked at flights I will be
stepping off StB today and she will continue on to Turkey. The last seven
weeks have been absolutely extraordinary, an adventure that many would love
to have undertaken and one that I shall be eternally grateful to Peter for.
I loved the sailing and feel that as an introduction it was truly
comprehensive. I've been amazed and stunned by the places we've been the
people we've met and just how much good will and warmth there is in
individuals. I've also thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog. Its been a
great way to keep in touch with family but also to extend beyond that to I
don't know where. In a week's time when I'm back in the office, I trust I
can be forgiven if I daydream a little about times past and adventures had -
perhaps I'll also think about what comes next.

There were almost tears on the dock as our faithful crew member
disembarked to return to reality and the bump and grind of work. He will be
sadly missed especially for writing this blog and as my worthy scrabble
opponent! We will never forget you Peter live long and travel far! so its
back to the skipper and the first mate again. After a little taste of
Cyprus we set sail from Paphos saying goodbye to our friends on Albert two
as we ventured out of the harbour and are slowly on route to Turkey for
what will be my final leg of the journey and what a fabulous journey it has
been. As for now we our making the most of the med sun and preparing for the
cold nights ahead. Onward to another country and another adventure..