Red Sea - day 13 Egypt - towards Port Ghalib

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Tue 1 Apr 2008 10:53

24:03N 35:50E

12.00 1st April

Heading north once again. Yesterday's position was in error. It should have
been at 23.53N and not 22.53N Depending on progress and crew morale we ma
continue through the night or stop at a reef anchorage.

1st Mate, Cook. (Sam)
I have yet to write on the blog this being my first entry, until now I have
relied on the captain and our newly appointed 2nd mate, but seeing as so
many have asked for an entry from the cook I thought it about time to say a
few words. Cooking at 45 Degrees is a challenge to say the least. It takes a
lot of strength and determination to keep oneself upright and balanced while
you slice, dice, fry, boil or bake. It seems to be pure chance and good luck
that a flying knife or boiling pan of water or fat doesn't come hurtling
into you as you crash over another wave. Despite all this and the
circumstances my culinary skills have greatly improved. Meals have ranged
from Pasta bakes, bolognaise, rice dishes a variety of fish dishes when
available and curries which all go down very well with the crew, no
complaints to date. Have just taken today's fresh bread out of the oven and
it smells great, should keep us going but bread doesn't last long on this
boat as we are always hungry. If anyone requires recipes then it can be
arranged but they will all sound much the same, chuck in what is available
and see how it turns out! Chances are it will be close to a gourmet meal!

2nd Mate (Peter2)
A recap on what seems to have passed quickly. Yesterday saw a good but
bouncy day's sailing bringing us into an anchorage just off the Egyptian
coast - about 500m from a white beach which slips into nothing more than
desert. To our port side were a range of mountains, looking very dusty and
harsh, and to our starboard a headland, behind which we were sheltered from
the wind. On the beach the are a number of small, square buildings which we
believe are military, the chart shows this to be a military area so this is
most likely. On our arrival we saw a man come out and take some interest in
us, but only for a while. We were not able land as this is not a port of
entry, were we could get permission. This morning, after rising at 0630 we
quickly prepared for sea and upped anchor. As soon as we passed the headland
the wind was upon us and we are now making very slow progress towards our
next port. The sailing is great, bouncy and bruising with lots of white
tops, but as I say, slow progress. No worries, we have all the time in the
world, and from here it is a wonderful world! What do we do all day? Well,
surprisingly the time just slips by. We left our anchor a short while ago
and four hours has passed. It is the hypnosis of waves and sea which whicks
the time away.

The chef is doing fantastically, most of the time I stay on deck and the
I have made are a real challenge. Today will be more than ever, the only
fresh veg left are lots of chillies and some spuds - boy will we have a hot
curry tonight!