More work and some play (again) at Uligam

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 17 Feb 2008 16:25
7:04N 72:55E

1900 17th Febuary

Late today. Well it is Sunday. Not that we would really notice.

Sam has been diving and helping to remove and replace the rudder on Albert
II while I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to resolve GPS issues on
Quickstep. Our tow generator had been making strange noises so today I
struggled to open it (successfully in the end) and put it back together

Last night was rather special. We had our dinner in the garden of the
villagers who help with fuel, water, provisions etc. They are young guys
with a good command of English and all keen to fuirther their education. All
the yachts at anchor were invited and around 25 people came. We were served
delicious fish and other local food. All very tasty and sitting around the
central buffet table. I cannot recall such hospitality anywhere else in our

Tomorrow we will complete our preparations to leave the following day. The
forecast is for light winds and there are not that many days left for my
rendezvous with an aeroplane in Aden.