Gibraltar to Tarifa

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Tue 2 Jun 2009 16:42

36:00.41N 5:36.35W

16.00 2nd June

For the rest of yesterday the crew did the tourist bit, even the cable car
to the top of the Rock. The skipper went back to where it all started at
Marina Bay, except the old marina next door had disappeared completely to be
replaced by Ocean Village, not so different from our version in Southampton.

It was a warm sunny afternoon and back on board it was bbq time. A sort of
celebration dinner so the bottle of fizz from Amy and Marcos made a great
start and Jonathan produced marinaded lamb chops and venison sausages with
Ken doing salad and potatoes. Thanks guys!

This morning there was no fog just clear skies so it was off via the fuel
berth to top up with the cheapest fuel since Egypt (65p/litre) and across
the bay to the Straits. In the bay there was almost no wind but by the time
we reached the corner it was already over 20 kts with gusts to 30 kts. The
Straits are narrow at around 8 miles across to Africa and 10 miles long but
it seemed much longer!

We motor sailed against the wind and tide. The wind slowly eased but it was
after 2pm when we reached Tarifa and decided to anchor and wait for less
wind in the morning. So here we are in the exact same spot as we were the
day we left to begin or trip top the Canary Islands. The sun is out, people
are playing on the beach and Ken is preparing dinner -could be much worse!