Red Sea - day 3

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 22 Mar 2008 07:37

15:37N 39:29E

12.00 22nd March

Yesterday's entry from the cabin boy was comprehensive. Today he has the
pen. Promotion is getting closer.

The Long Good Friday.
Whilst I was writing yesterday's blog I had to break off for drama above
deck. A feisty tuna had taken a bite and was en-route to Sam the knife's
steady hand. About 18 inches long and 3 kilos he wasn't giving up without a
fight but, out-numbered, the conclusion was inevitable. Within a short while
of being aboard he was filleted and Sam was hard at work in the galley.
Anyone who thought we'd be relying on Dolmio and dried biscuits couldn't be
more wrong. As the Red Sea slipped by, we lunched on the finest and freshest
sushi, with Japanese seaweed rolled rice parcels and a mixed salad. The
first sublime moment.

The day was passed gracefully looking for ships, land, anything, none were
sighted! At times watching schools of dolphin briefly running with us for a
look, a few gulls swooping over shoals of fish. Dinner was marinated tuna
fillets and fresh veg.

I took the second watch again and as the engine was running, soon after Sam
had gone to bed, turned on the ipod for some music. The moon was again very
bright and visibility good with an almost calm sea. The second truly sublime
moment was listening to Faure's requiem whilst watching a school of
dolphins, that stayed with us on both sides of the boat for about 20
minutes. This really does feel closer to heaven (my daughter Sarah need not
worry, its isn't religion its the simple delights of hedonism!)

Peter took the third watch and saw a new dawn and a new, even larger tuna -
don't worry, we finished yesterday's at dinner so this was again most
welcome. By the time I arose it was on board and on its way to becoming at
least four kilos of fillets.

The blog is a little early as we will arrive in Massawa shortly, looking
forward to stepping onto a new continent and a new country. I am convinced a
warm and friendly welcome awaits us.