Still anchored at Havelock Island

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Fri 18 Jan 2008 05:38
11:58N 92:56E

Well, the crew rebelled and said they didn't want to move so we are still here. The captain was not ready to walk the plank.

Some relaxation and some small preparations for our trip. Sam has been very busy repairng the genny where it rubs the spreaders and wer are rigging the various pole lines but otherwise little else to report.

Guido excelled himself cooking the tuna with ratatouille and risotto to accompany it. The moon is rising now till around midnight and it will be full and visible for most of the night during our passage to Cochin - perfect!

Soon we will have to move from here but for now we are making the most of it.