Muros - nearly

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 20 Jun 2009 17:28

42:34.03N 9:02.70W

17.00 20th June

We know all about plans and how sometimes they just don't work out, well
this was one of those times. The first part worked. We had had something
wrapped around our propeller. Our friend Gunnar from Milo dived under the
boat and said we had a small nick in one blade but otherwise we were OK. So
off we went to anchor at Islas Cies, a local playground for boating people
in Vigo. Tourists during the day but they are gone by 4pm and left behind
is a long sandy beach. It was blowing but seas were calm enough. As we
anchored, sure enough the propeller was making an unfamiliar sound. The
shaft had moved on the coupling which meant stripping it down. But not until
the morning as First Mate was about to produce his masterpiece. We don't
know what it is called but it was baked chicken stuffed with cheese on a bed
of spinach. Excellent! Quite forgot the job for the morning.

We were due to make it to Muros today but the coupling took a couple of
hours to put right and after we set sail a gale forecast was broadcast for
Finisterre. We did have some good sailing, some quite boisterous with winds
to 28 knots but StB handles it well. We were however late and with prospect
of further increases in wind we have anchored opposite the village of
Corrubedo in this wide bay surrounded by a beach with no boats and just a
few bathers. We will stay here tonight and if the wind drops as it is
forecast to do we will continue to Muros in the morning.

As for plans, we will do our provisioning in Muros on Monday morning and
then leave to cross Biscay to Camaret near Brest before the last dash across
the channel to Fowey, hopefully for Friday. That at least is the plan today.
Let's wait and see.

Bad news on the gardening front. We have carried out extensive stability
calculations and concluded that we may not make it as currently configured.
We were going to donate it to some deserving locals but they turned it down,
something to do with the smell we believe. Disappointing for those looking
forward to the harvest of sea kale and samphire but alas it has gone over
the side.