Gibraltar here we are

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Mon 1 Jun 2009 21:01
36:08.08N 5:21.30W

12.00 1st June

Well we made it. At 7 am this morning we were at Europa Point, the southern
tip of Gibraltar. It was thick fog!

Since yesterday we had been motoring with little wind, lumpy seas and
current against us. Not a good combination but at least the sun was shining
and later the stars were out. The night watches ran smoothly, Ken is even
quite enjoying them, however he woke the skipper for advice on what to do
about a very large tanker. It was brightly lit dead ahead of us and he had
been watching it for a couple of hours. Lights showed it was not under
command, that is drifting and not anchored. No problem just a little
difficult to decide what to do and rightly he asked for advice.

Things got better, sea flattened, current turned in our favour and the
skipper turned in for a quick hour before arrival, only to find we couldn't
see a thing!

Rounding Europa and dodging the many ships at anchor we made our way into
the old dockyard where I had been on an aircraft carrier 40 years ago and
found a space in Queensway Marina. Job done! 2070 miles from Fethiye, 4226
from Aden and 7910 from Phuket and only 1000 or so left to Fowey.

Of course we still have to get home but there is a real sense of completion.
A great crew made it possible as of course all those friends and family that
have been on board for part of this trip. Amy and Marcos even left a bottle
of bubbly with Ken for us to celebrate with - thanks both.

The fog has cleared, we have showered and put away a super fried breakfast -
thanks Ken - and the crew is off to provision in Morrison's, would you

Tomorrow we leave the Mediterranean for the trip north up the coast of Spain
and Portugal.

J writes - 50 odd hours of non stop sailing/motoring , dolphins, leaks,
sunburn and to top it off eerie fog supposedly where Gibraltar should have
been .Thought we would come all this way and not see the rock but luckily
the fog lifted and we were able to dock and freshen up. Ken and I have
managed a trip up to the top of the 'rock' and had a great view of Spain and
Africa. Good banter on the dock, barbecue and a super evening - a day to