Aden day 4

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 23 Feb 2008 08:31

10:23N 65:56E

13.00 23rd February

A phrase heard often at the moment is "this wasn't in the brochure". The
brochure in question talks of trade wind sailing, gently down wind with
sails poled out and steady easterly winds as we make our way to the west.
This brochure is definitely wrong.

Since leaving Uligan the wind has not been in the east. We began with south
westerly which has become north westerly and we have been beating ever
since. True it is good sailing conditions and nobody would want to hear our
complaints as we continue under clear blue skies and blue blue sea.

Even less so as we caught our second dorado this morning. More fresh fish
and that was in the brochure.

478 miles run.

The fine weather and sunshine continue. Little shipping and no more fish.
Easy sailing and still in company with our friends and always that very
bright moon.

Reports from those ahead show a low that gave them strong winds around
Salalah and poor visibility toward Aden but it is forecast to be long gone
by the time we get anywhere near. Fingers crossed.

At our current rate of progreess we are due into Aden around Tuesday 4th
March but don't hold us to that date just yet. 360 miles gone so we are
keeping our average of 120 miles per day.