Our sixth day at sea

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Mon 28 Jan 2008 09:58

6:33N 82:25E

Noon 28th January

What a difference a day makes. After yesterday's report the sky went dark,
the wind changed direction many times and it rained. With wind up to 12 or
14 kts it was a frustrating afternoon, although eventually it cleared away
and the wind dropped to almost nothing. Sam's tuna dinner was a great
success. He is considering producing his own cookbook,

Motoring through some of the night till dawn the sky was clear and a light
breeze allowed us to set sail again. Early morning our first ship in days
passed a few miles to the north of us and then we had a fine sail for the
rest of the morning in bright sunshine. No fish from the fisherman but he
was spurred on by the efforts of the cabin boy to bake 2 fine loaves this
morning. To date the captain has not been seen in the galley.

Tonight we will close the southern coast of Sri Lanka and hope to be off
it's southernmost point, Dondra Head at this time tomorrow.