Faro definitely

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 6 Jun 2009 18:24

37:11.20N 7:20.43W

16.00 6th June

Well the gentle start to the day again did not last. Once again the wind
rose and finally bashed us on the nose. If that wasn't enough the Portuguese
fishermen put a very long floating fishing net in our path and we had to
find our way around the end. At least the sky was clear but where do they
find all this wind? At least we had a large pod of dolphins to spend time
with us and lift our spirits.

The entrance to the river at Faro is clear and well protected by
breakwaters but still a little daunting with so much wind. Once around the
end we whistled in, going downwind at 7+ knots. Now anchored in what might
pass for the North Norfolk marshes on a larger scale the assistant chef has
come to the fore and produced a tasty pasta dish and the wind is at last
dropping a little. Lets hope for a peaceful night before our final push west
to Lagos close to the south west tip of Portugal.

K,P,. Had a night of from cooking and have started my 1st book by Andrew
Marr which I found on board. This is my 1st real sailing adventure and have
really enjoyed the ups and downs. My 1st night watch was a night to remember
3 hrs on my own in the dark wind blowing , I lasted 3hrs not having to wake
Peter. Back to my book. (He's doing all right - Skipper)