Cascais - still

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 13 Jun 2009 16:44

38:41.82N 9:24.95W

16.00 13th June

First things first - today is the birthday of our Admiral. From the crew of
St Barbara and in particular the skipper, we wish her a very happy day and
promise to make it up to her when we get home.

With the last leg crew now safely home there was a pause before Clive
arrived last night. The pause was filled with clearing up the mess the last
crew left behind - only kidding guys - washing and provisioning. Cascais is
a popular holiday spot for Lisboans and with a couple of public holidays
this week it has been busy on the beaches. We have been amused to watch many
boats leave the marina some 300 metres away and come to anchor off the
beach, not even bothering to bring the fenders in, tut tut! By late
afternoon they are back in the marina.

Dinner last night of steak and onions (thanks chef) was punctuated by work
on a bilge pump that had failed to pump. The problem was finally cracked and
we went to bed with the intention of getting up at first light and heading

Sure enough, first light at 5.30 saw us up and away in flat calm and no wind
but it wasn't to last. Three miles down the coast at the headland and the
wind increased to 15-18 knots on the nose and reluctantly we turned St
Barbara around and headed back to our spot. By 7am we were anchored again
and nobody noticed we were gone. So here we are for a day or two more. As
has been said before, there are worse places to be stuck and there is the
opportunity to get some of those little jobs done. A low pressure is due to
bring some rain on Monday and we hope to take advantage of the wind change
that should bring to catch up some lost time.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to Sue and have a great day with friends and
family. We will be drinking a toast and very soon!