St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Thu 18 Jun 2009 20:33
41:11.07N 8:42.37W

16.00 18th June

We are doing today what we were doing yesterday and for some days before
that. It's motor sailing and we have had enough of it. The First Mate has
seen the genoa unrolled since he arrived in Cascais, in fact we are
concerned there may be some sort of a nest inside - a treat for the
wildlife section?.But at least today the wind is not so strong and the sea
now flatter.

Yesterday afternoon was really difficult, but when we made the turn to
Leixoes we ran across the sea rather than directly into it and it makes such
a difference. It is more comfortable and the speed increased by more than
one knot. We made the harbour just as it was getting dark and anchored in a
sheltered corner that we had been in before. A quick birthday toast with a
fine malt and that was it - time for bed.

This morning it was up before the sun and away, out of the harbour soon
after 6am. The morning began well with no wind and a gentle swell but it
got itself worked up again. We introduced the technical term "lumpy" and now
it is the turn of another. This is "messy" and it occurs when two different
lumpy seas bump into each other. Today it was messy. There is a book on StB
that describes how early Polynesian sailors navigated using the swell. You
can be certain that they would be completely lost here - not a chance.

Fortunately it settled down. We are now in Spanish waters, working our way
along the coast to Bayona. If all goes well we will be safely anchored in a
few hours and may even stay tomorrow.

Almost forgot the gardening section. Compost proved difficult to source but
we had a brainwave and decided to use old fish bits left over from
filleting. If mackerel can be turned into fishmeal for fertiliser then why
not? The smell is not so good but the results should be worth it. In keeping
with the maritime theme we are going for sea kale and samphire. The First
Mate wanted fennel but was overruled. More news very soon.