Anchored at Havelock Island

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Tue 15 Jan 2008 08:03
11:58N 92:56E

We had a great sail this morning and arrived at this idyllic bay at noon precisely.

The remander oof the check in went smoothhly and finished with a viisit to the harbour master in his rather grand offiice. It was very friendly and rather likean interview. It transpired that he was a serving naval officer on secondment and an observer having served on an aircraft carrier!

So off too shop in thetown that was packed as yesterday and today are festival days wth peoople rushing everywhere. We bought vegetables and fruit in the market and importantly more fishing lures. we ahve had no fish yet and our collectiive pride is suffering.

Back oon board for a fine curry by our resident chef Sam and early to bed for an early start this morning with the anchor up at 6 am. There is a surpriising amount of early mist and dew here but the sun soon burns it off and we sailed the 20 mile north as a beat in warm sunshine. Lovely sailing.

Now to explore this paradise -there is not another boat iin the anchorage, just a few indiviiduals on the beach at the only island resort in the Andamans.

Monday lunchtime and check in is nearly complete. We have had a total of 11
individuals visiting the boat and I have lost count of the number of forms
and copies needed but we are nearly there with just the harbour master to
agree where we will be each day. Shopping for some fresh food and then
tomorrow morning early off to the islands for a few days of rest and
relaxation. We hope to catch some fish too.