Red Sea - day 7 to Suakin

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 26 Mar 2008 09:47

19:06.50N 37:20.25E

12.00 26th March

Arrived at Suakin having covered 270 miles in a little over 3 days since

Good morning from the Sudan - sounds like a BBC correspondent. We've had a
fairly windy 24 hours with 12-16 knot winds mainly from our starboard and
stern, which have pushed us along at a fair old rate - at times as fast as
the yacht would want to go. Its also been a fairly bumpy ride, well for me
anyway, for Sam and Peter its just been good sailing. We have gone for days
without seeing any shipping, we passed one other yacht and last night saw a
few fishing boats. I guess this reflects the emptiness of parts of this
coastline, although we have been about 10 miles offshore.

This morning, after a bit of a lay-in I had tea, toast and dolphins for
breakfast -not literally - we were joined by a pair of large very sporty
dolphins who swam from side to side just ahead of the bow for 10 minutes or
so. A real pleasure to see again after an absence of two or three day.
Fishing has not been productive, our second lure on the makeshift line was
bitten off yesterday and we've put out another but are not too optimistic.
New fishing line is on the shopping list today.

We're all looking forward to arriving in about thirty minutes at Suakin, it
looks quite a busy and big place from five miles off. Hopefully check-in
will be straight forward and we'll be exploring very soon. More to say