Aden departure

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 19 Mar 2008 12:42
12:40N 44:41E

15.00 19th March

Well we are off again. Back from a few days at home for Amy's wedding that
was truly fabulous. A long weekend in the New Forest at Beaulieu and
Bucklers Hard surrounded by family and friends was perfect and Amy just
looked beautiful. Friend Peter Coltman came with me from London and has been
dubbed the new boy until he wins his spurs.

A ferverish round of taking on water, fuel and provisions and check out and
we are off. We left some 3 hours ago in a very pleasant southerly breeze and
are making for the narrow straits that mark the beginning of the trip north
up the Red Sea.

Our plan is to be there at first light tomorrow morning and thern make for
Massawa in Eritrea with an estimated arrival of sometime on Saturday. It is
very nice to be underway again on the next leg of our journey home.
First blog from the new cabin boy. Peter Coltman. Peter Goldsmith mentioned
I was to return with him from the UK, my name is Peter Coltman so to avoid
confusion in this and future logs I'll call myself Peter2 - very inventive!
A fantastic opportunity for me to learn how to sail (my total previous
experience is two trips in the Backwater and Orwell estuaries so this is
pretty exciting). Beginning to get a fell for yachty stuff and an idea about
what makes this thing move but there is a lot to learn,

Aden was fascinating, dry, hot and very business like, but all at a very
different speed. Lots of help from local people who've seen many a boat pass
through. Our passage today heads us west out of Aden to the mouth of the Red
Sea crossing to the coast of Africa. Next landfall is Eritrea. Wow, if my
dad could see me now!

Lots of love and wishes to all at home.