Our third day at sea

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Fri 25 Jan 2008 06:52

09:08N 87:30E

Noon 25th January

You can tell that we are now well settled as the morning has passed with
few words spoken. An early bacon sandwich and then there was near silence
while all three were deep into reading with just the occasional head popping
up to check the horizon. We could have been meercats!

Sam is keeping his reputation as head chef with a very tasty chicken dish.He
said he was disappointed but we weren't. The moon is still bright at night
although arriving later each night and still there is no shipping traffic
but a fine breeze that occasionally had us doing 7 kts.

This morning a collection of flying fish was revealed on the deck, some 7 or
8 with
the smallest only a couple of inches long. How do they fly so high? The
largest is now on the end of our line as bait but still no sign of a tuna.

Another 120 mile day, although we have done 140 through the water due to the
unexpected adverse current. 450 miles to go to the southern tip of Sri