St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 23 May 2009 11:23

39:16.59N 03:02.45E

07.00 22nd May

The problem is that this crew think they are on holiday. Writing about it is
not on the agenda so the skipper has been pretty busy and will have to abuse
the new crew of this notion. Anyway, to continue.....

Once again we are leaving and this time it is Majorca. We didn't make it to
Menorca. About half way with the wind against us and a knot of current to
add to the woe, we altered course and made directly for Majorca. A second
night at sea after some good sailing and then motoring in calm conditions we
dropped the anchor on the southern tip of the island in a sheltered bay
complete with a sandy beach and crystal clear water. A couple of hours
further sleep and to our surprise the mist rolled in!

Keen to find a sheltered spot for the night ahead when wind was forecast we
eventually ended up at a marina called Puerto Rapita a few miles to the
north.Continuing the holiday theme, the crew took off for the afternoon in
the dinghy. Skipper remained on board.

An excellent chicken bbq on board in the cockpit with lots of chat and so
to bed to await the wind.

Morning arrived after a very quiet night with little or no wind, one of the
few occasions that the forecast has been inaccurate. With the morning spent
provisioning and fuelling we are off again for the relatively short passage
to Ibiza some 70 miles away. We expect to be there late this evening. Given
fair conditions we will make for Formentara, the island to the south of
Ibiza for a lunch at a restaurant that Amy & Marcos have been recommended
before heading into Ibiza itself to await the arrival of Ken, the first of
the new crew. More from Ibiza.