St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Fri 19 Jun 2009 20:01

42:07.24N 8:50.58W

15.00 19th June

Arrived in Bayona after a long day of motorsailing against the persistent
northerly nasal wind. Not as bad as previous days but a grind all the same.

Rounding the headland into Vigo bay - guess what! Wind in the right
direction for the first time since Cascais, so quick as a flash genoa full
out in all her finery (with new needlework), and the main out full as well.
There was an eyrie silence - it took a while to work out what it was - no
engine running!. Well it did not last long - ten minutes at best as the wind
died as we approached the marina.Just as we were planning to anchor off, the
skipper indicated potential engine/prop problems which seemed to correct
themselves, but to be on the safe side, we went in to a spacious marina.

The plan then became to overcome the faulty bilge pump, potential
prop/engine issues and the leaking prop seal. A jury rig solution to the
leaky prop seal was effected using an item of ladies clothing, a plastic bag
and some gaffer tape.

The chef has had two nights off in a row - a recommended restaurant in
Nazare, and the Sporting Restaurant in Figueria. The latter was a birthday
treat where all you could eat could be had for 7.50 euro - with jugs of
sweet and a coffee it came to 20 euros for us both - a bargain and good
entertainment as well.

Last night in Bayona marina we mainly had sausage ragout. Today has been
spent in planning the menu for the next 5 days anticipating starting the
crossing the Biscay Bay on Sunday.

Bayona is a delightful old town with a fortress looking out to sea - not
time for sightseeing only locating minimarkets etc. Off across the bay now
to anchor up in the lee of one of the islands, then off to Muros tomorrow