Red Sea - day 12 Egypt - at anchor Ras Banas

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Mon 31 Mar 2008 15:58
22:53.60N 35:46.97E

16.00 31st March

Now safely at anchor after a boisterous 24 hours, we are comfortable and
amongst friends. Albert II is next door. We have covered 400 miles since
Suakin and 1066 miles from Aden.

Boisterous! Well it was that. But it was also really good fun in a sense,
with the wind coming from precisely the direction we wanted to go in and
gusting in the mid teens it was a bumpy passage. Like any good exercise, its
nice when it stops, except this didn't. The best way to describe it is like
being on the London underground, bobbing, swaying and bracing with the
movement - except instead of a few stops on the Central Line, this was all
day and all night! A tiring but good experience and it makes you appreciate
how pleasant it is when you moor somewhere calm and are able to sit on the
deck talking in the sunshine - and it has been beautifully warm sunshine.

It was good for Peter and Sam to catch up with Jim, Ged and Bear from Albert
II and great to meet them. After finding out what all have been up to and
discussing the passage ahead, we are now (well Sam is) preparing dinner. It
will be lovely to spend the night in bed, all the night that is and
hopefully gently bobbing rather than head banging into waves.

Tomorrow is another day and should see us making progress towards footfall
in Egypt and more exciting times.