Leaving Galle

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 9 Feb 2008 09:30
6:03N 79:52E

15.00 9th Febuary

We are after to pastures new. Well actually we are off to palm trees and
blue water that is the Maldives.

We got away this morning at 10.00 after a painless checkout. The weather has
improved. After 2 days of rain, yesterday was dry if a little cloudy,
however last night a swell entered the harbour and made for an uncomfortable
night against an unforgiving stone wall.

During our last 2 days we shoped till we dropped and had a farewell dinner
at the Costenberg Hotel last night with new friends from Albert 11 an
English Westerley Oceanlord and a couple from Madrid on Ilusion. All good
company and all off to the Maldives today. Our old friends on Balvenie are
held up for a day with some engine repairs but they will not be far behind.

So we are hoping for a little more wind to speed us on our way to the
Maldives some 420 miles away, although we do have clear blue skies so who is