Towards Turkey Day 4

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 4 May 2008 08:02

34:48N 32:15E

12.00 4th May

Well yesterday we lost one crew member and during the night we gained
another. Not yet ready for writing the blog but endearing nevertheless. A
bird rather like a sparrow has made itself at home here. Sitting in the
cockpit (it slid off the wheel!) or coming in the cabin, we have been unable
to encourage it to eat or drink but just seems to want company. A few
moments ago it landed on my shoulder as I write this at the chart table.
Very friendly.

The prevailing wind here is from the north west, precisely where we want to
go so we were anticipating a tough time. So far we have been fortunate as we
began with a light south westerly and in the early hours it switched to
north easterly and we are sailing along very comfortably at over 7 knots
towards the coast of Turkey. We have not seen another vessel in the last 24
hours. There is more wind forecast for tomorrow so we plan to find an
anchorage tonight and wait for the strong north westerly to pass before the
last push to our final destination near Bodrum. Fingers crossed please!

Semi refreshed after a few hours sleep, back on to three hour watch system
with just the two of us makes you realise how much easier it is with three
crew.(Missing you already Peter2) Anyway was an eventful night for flying
visits, we both seem to acquired our own little friends while on watch, A
chubby swallow was my companion, as he sat grooming himself on different
parts of my body we spent hours watching shooting stars, checking for ships
and observing the sunrise it was a truly magical experience. He soon
departed refreshed and was replaced by Peters little sparrow. So onward we
sail hoping for less wind than forecast and excited to arrive at yet another