Red Sea - day 15 Egypt - towards Port Ghalib

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Thu 3 Apr 2008 10:50

25:11N 34:51E

12.00 3rd April

We are now on Egypt time that is UTC (or GMT) +2.. Up at first light at
05.30 this morning to a very light wind from the west. A very different day
from yesterday. The anchor came up without problem and we have been
motorsailing close to the coast all morning. The weather is getting cooler
every day. The captain has been seen wearing long trousers on board for the
first time in years. We even had porridge for breakfast. Now some 24 miles
to go to the marina.

More from the crew below.

1st Mate, Cook. (Sam)
Menu for today; Breakfast - Quakers Golden Syrup Oats, Lunch - Still waiting
on the fish for sushi! Supper - Second mates Lentil Sheppard's pie. Running
very low on fresh provisions shall be nice to roam the markets of Egypt for
some fresh fruit and veg. Not to mention the opportunity to taste the local
cuisine and dine out at classy restaurants with a cool beer or even a
chilled chardonnay, maybe I'm dreaming again!

2nd Mate (Peter2)
Yesterday was a pleasant respite. After dropping anchor around 0700hrs we
just dozed and mused all day. The wind still blew between 15 & 24 knots
outside, but in the saloon we lay in a pleasant breeze. In the afternoon we
read and chatted until tea time. Well at least I thought it was, very
confusing with Aden time (GMT+3) you in BST and Egypt somewhere in between.
When I thought it was about time I made dinner and anyway, by 4pm we were
quite hungry and it gave us plenty of time before dusk! A calm and restful
night at anchor and very favourable winds today. Good progress is being made
about two-three miles off a very beautiful coastline. At the water's edge is
a desert beguilingly masquerading as a sandy beach, beyond that the desert
moves back until it becomes steeper and rockier, climbing up into a very
dramatic mountain range. You wouldn't need Kendal mint-cake and a flask of
drinking chocolate if you were walking there. At regular intervals along the
coast are what look like newly developed resorts with a constant stream of
dive boats taking people out to the reefs.

We anticipate, with some considerable excitement after a week at sea,
arriving in the marina around dusk. I know the Egyptians are a noble and
dignified people, but after the shabby way we have treated ex-patriot Mr.
Al-Fayed just lately I am conscious that the welcome may be slightly cool.
Having said that, the ship's company have been fully briefed on the
importance of re-establishing the cordial and respectful relationship we
have previously enjoyed and we will take every opportunity to restore our
reputation. Fortunately my father was in Egypt during the war, as a result I
have a pretty good idea what to expect. I shall be looking for the spot he
and his muckers stood at in front of the pyramids, in order that I can
re-create the photo. I've even started calling Sam 'me ole cock' and have
got my khaki shorts out ready. If you think the long days at sea have
effected the sanity of the blog, Sam has just started to cook some 'Double
Colour Man-tou' using a packet of 'pau' bought in Malaysia - boy I hope we
make land tonight!