Fourth day to Maldives

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 13 Feb 2008 06:26
6:58N 74:23E

12.00 13th Febuary

We are sailing, we are sailing! Rod Stewart lives.

Some 2 hours ago we agree to drop the tow and sail with wind now on the beam
at 10 Kts. More than we ahve had since we left Gaulle.

Balvenie has been patiently towing us for some 30 hours. Easy for us with
nothing to do but they had to listen to the sound of their engine. For us it
would have been back to Galle without their assisitance.

So fingers crossed that the wind holds. We are due into Uligam tomorrow
morning at first light. If the wind fails it will be back to the tow. Out
here there are no ships - not a single one all night. A few dolphins early
this morning and yesterday afternoon something big took our fishing lure.
Certainly we have lost more lures than we have caught fish. Any advice on
how to catch them would be warmly welcomed.