Off to Chipiona

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Fri 5 Jun 2009 20:54

36:32.43N 6:17.05W

16.00 3rd June

The dawn comes later now as we move further west. With the clocks on Europe
time it is not light in
the sky until 6.30 but we are all up eating out cereals in the dark. Up
anchor and away, not sure what we will find with the weather but it is all
fine. The tide is with us, the wind moves further to the south west and we
sail serenely on. We had thought of going to Barbate where we had been at
the start in 2003 but continued on, dodging some long fishing nets plus a
gunnery range (fortunately no firing!) and finally found ourselves in Cadiz.

The marina is some way from the town but we were determined to do the
tourist, bit so showered and changed we were off. Cadiz is from another time
with narrow streets and no cars, as usual full of people walking and
talking. In Cathedral Square we ate a tasty dinner of fish, garlic potatoes
and salad and walked the busy streets back to StB. Much more time needed to
explore this fascinating town.

A late start and a good breakfast set us up for the long (?) well 18 mile,
sail to Chip. The shops were a long way away in Cadiz so our shopping
was to be done in another town. Off we go again!